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If you plan to leave the country, Pharmacy 101 offers a Travel Clinic to help you prepare and protect your health.  Our Travel Health Education Pharmacist will help educate and provide appropriate immunizations to all travelers. 

Please fill out this Travel Clinic form and return it to Pharmacy 101 (drop off to Pharmacy or email).  Our Pharmacist will review your itinerary and medical information.  Then an appointment will be made to discuss your customized trip.  Please complete this form as early as possible to ensure sufficient time for certain vaccinations (ideally 1-2 months before departure).  The cost for the Travel Clinic is $50 for one individual or $80 for a family.  This cost includes contacting your physician for any prescriptions and/or vaccines required for your trip, as well as the initial injection fee for vaccines.  A tax receipt will be issued for submission to any drug plans or for income tax purposes.

Travel Clinic form

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